Saturday, June 22, 2013

Chuc Mung!!! Gap Lai Sau Nhe


We part from our Mercer Team members during a well-deserved dinner celebration. After a very successful mission 2013, Bac Si Ha recognized each and every team member with a traditional Vietnamese hand-carved name plate. He complimented the entire team on such dedication, hard-work and devotion to the patients of Vietnam. During his speech, Bac Si Ha echoed a sentiment I spoke about last year: "We came together as a Mercer and Temple, but we worked TOGETHER AS ONE TEAM!!!

Asfor my comments at the dinner:

"On behalf of our entire Temple Pharmacy team, I must say Cam on to Bac Si Ha, O'Brien, Sumner, McMahon, Be and Anh Du for welcoming us for the second straight year as members of the Vietnam Medical Mission. I must give a special thank you to Em Van, for all her hard work and coordination on the Mercer side, making it possible for Temple to continue to join. Thank you to Bac Si Thao, who is my right hand and nothing I do here could even begin without her support and dedication. 
It never ceases to amaze me how 2 teams of virtual strangers can come together with the same goals, and passions, and make this mission such a great success!!!"
"As for my annual celebratory toast, please raise your glasses and join me saying:" 

"Bac Si Ha, YO YO YO!!!!"

Gap Lai Sau Nhe (See you again soon)