Friday, June 14, 2013

Scrub UP!!!!!

This mission is never short of surprise roles that need to be played. From translation,  physical assessment,  differential diagnosing, prescribing, physical therapy, dispensing, and prosthetics!! Well today was another first for me in the clinic. This patient presented with what looked liked a basal cell carcinoma. Upon examination, Bac Si Ha decided it would only take 10 minutes to surgically remove the lesion and asked for my assistance. Without hesitation I accepted the challenge and began to take the proper steps to make our environment as sterile as possible. It would be my job to sterilize the equipment, provide sterile materials during the procedure, and assist with the closing of the wound with cutting of the sutures. Well the procedure took a bit longer than 10 minutes, and the heat was becoming unbearable. As I perspired profusely, the team took notice and made sure I was doing ok. After a cold drink of water, I continued with my assistance until the completion of the surgery. These patients have very little access to quality medical care, and without the bravery of Bac Si Ha and our team, this young man's lesion may have spread beyond treatment.

It goes to show that each day brings one surprise after another. As for the little part I played in today's procedure, I am proud to have assisted in possibly helping to save this young man from further damage down the road.