Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reality on the streets of Vietnam

The streets of Vietnam are crawling with young children, who are as cute as can be!! However, There is a back story to all the cute faces and individual personalities.

Most of the children are orphaned at a very young age. Many are taken in by families who have motives for their actions!! On a daily basis,. from 5:30 am until late into the night, we see the youngsters approaching the locals and visitors offering sell lottery tickets. They have to sell all of their tickets before returning home or risk being beat by their family.

Over the past few days, we have seen a few of the children consistently, and have done our part to support them for saftey's sake. However, tonight as we strolled along the street, filled with outdoor cafe's and coffee shops, we encountered one of our favorite young girls. We invited her to sit with us so we can offer her food and soda, as we knew she was extremely hungry. Not long after that, another, and another, and then some more children, some of who we supported the first few days, arrived at our table. Our new guests ranged from 5 years old to 12 years old. We decided to open our table and HEARTS to these poor, unfortunate children, to share in a good meal and some laughter. Some are related, some are not, but all are petrified of disobeying their families and paying the ultimate price of pain and suffering at their hands.

For 60 minutes, on an unexpected evening, we were able to provide a warm, happy, and nourishing environment for 6 very special, very smart, very scared children.

To look at them, to watch how they devoured the food and drinks, it would seem as though they haven't had a decent meal in weeks!. Well, its TRUE! Most go without food or water for days because if they are caught eating before they sell all their tickets, the get beat.

As we got to know their names, their ages, and their backgrounds, my heart began to warm, but my head, and mind began to weep. It is such a sad, but true way of lìfe for many of the orphaned children here in Vietnam.

I think of how peaceful and happy a life they could lead if I could only remove them from the evil that calls themselves "Family"!

A perfect example of the daily emotional struggle that I encounter while trying to provide for the  neediest people of Vietnam!

Well, I can sleep peaceful, if only for a few hours, knowing that we brightened the lives of 6 children who have to live through the most painful, fearful, and physically draining and emotionally damaging lives I could possibly think of!

Xin Loi Ems, I wish I could do MORE!!!!