Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Emergency

Around 10:00 am, as I was checking a patient in for clinic, a young girl was rushed to our table passed out in a wheel chair. She is a current student at the school next to our clinic and fainted. After safely transporting her to a bed inside the clinic, We immediately took all of her vital signs, very faint pulse, very low blood pressure and a blood sugar of 80 mg/dl. We raised her legs to get blood flow back to her core. She continued to stay confused and weak. After about 15  minutes, her clothes full of my sweat, she responded nicely and was able to have a conversation with Bac Si Ha, after which he said she has H.Pylori infection. We developed a triple threat treatment plan, and was able to provide enough medication for the duration of therapy.  The entire time I was thinking to myself, How does one go from witnessing a sycope episode to diagnosing H. Pylori Infection. What am I missing here? I find out later that, during the conversation that the student had with Bac Si Ha, she complained about continual bouts of ulcers in her stomach. Now it all makes sense. Regardless, I am impressed daily with the knowledge, skills, and passion that our medical team, lead by Bac Si Ha, brings to this mission!!  Here is the young student post treatment!!!  Good luck!!