Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thank You All!!!

Another chapter in our book of International Medical Missions has come to a close. I feel like the luckiest person in the world for getting not ONE opportunity, but a SECOND and hopefully many more opportunities to leave a lasting impression on a civilization half way around the world. I reflect on a statement Dean Doukas said to us upon our return, "Your efforts are helping to stitch the world together. There are so many people tearing the world apart, but we are making a true difference"!

Each time I get to venture to another segment of the world, experience a different culture and donate my time and energy to the global health of patients, my life trajectory changes. I am very happy and satisfied with the direction my life has taken, but it would be a sad notion to think that my direction and trajectory were stationary! Each and every life experience alters ones trajectory, all for a reason. I believe that all the outcomes and changes that an experience causes, are all meant to be, and meant for a higher reason, one that might not be clearly evident at the moment.

Certain experiences, The Vietnam Medical Mission for one, is at the forefront of my life's direction. My passion for health, my awe and wonder of new, strange places, my welcoming and open personality, my ability to share knowledge and instill a sense of internal satisfaction to others I touch, are all at the foundation of my long term plan!

I have had the opportunity to travel to places and see things that others have only read about in books. I owe many of those experiences to Temple University School of Pharmacy, for believing in our vision, supporting our mission, and allowing us to fulfill our dreams.

To my family and my loved ones who perservere with my endless chatter and long time absence, I could not have done any of this without you!!

To the newest members of my immediate family: Jordanis Joy, Hang Nguyen, Thao Nguyen, Viet Nguyen, Quynh-Anh Pham and Chi Tran: "You all know how I feel about you as professionals and as people. You each bring different and unique personalities and attributes to my life, all of which have become imbedded in my soul. From this day forward, you have a new BIG BROTHER (I refuse to acknowledge I could be old enough to be your Father.) I will treat you like family, and treasure every moment we spent and will spend together. We are bonded for life from this mission experience!!!

Lastly, I would like to provide a small idea of our future plans. 

We have founded VMCO, The Vietnamese Medical Charity Organization, a non-profit entity. Our goals are to grow VMCO, with the support of Temple and Mercer, to become one of the global leaders in medical charity. Our vision is vast, our mission is strong, and our goals are achievable.

We thank you for all your support, because without you, the stitching of the worlds would not be as tight!!!

Thank you for following the 2013 Vietnam Medical Mission blog. I hope through our eyes, your feel connected to our passions!!!

See you in 2014!!!!