Friday, June 14, 2013

Energy back, enough for TWO

After one full days rest, I returned to our newest clinic in Tam Binh, Vinh Long. One of the first patients that was waiting to be seen in our clinic could not ambulate on her own. She was an 87 year old woman who suffered with pain from lumbar bones spurs and calcium deficiency. Her relative drove her up to the clinic on a motor bike and carried her into the waiting area to be seated while we attended to other patients. When it was her turn to be seen, I took full responsibility for the transport, triage, work-up, treatment plan, medication regimen, and discharge. Of course my job was not complete until I was sure she was safely back with her relative. This meant transporting her through the waiting crowds, through the parking lot, and onto the rear of the motor bike.

I prayed for the physical strength to continue with our mission today, and it seems that I received enough strength for both of us!!!!

I have come to care for these patients as if they were my own family.

I pray that this woman receives the strength it takes to go on and live each day forward!!