Friday, June 7, 2013

Temple Pharmacy Donations to the disabled

Another part of the Temple University School of Pharmacy's Vietnam Medical Mission is to donate to the poor, disadvantaged, and disabled. Funding for this type of activity can only occur through the generous donations of family, friends, faculty, alumni, students, and general supporters. All of the donations went to Purchasing all the medications and supplies, other charitable works (which will come at a later blog entry) and part of this years donations was used to purchase walkers for the disabled patients of Vinh Long. This is one of the poorest areas of South Vietnam, with patients trying to labor very hard to support themselves. Many are disabled from debilitating illnesses.  We purchased 50 walkers, costing 15 million VND! Although each walker was a modest cost for us, they will certainly change the lives of many patients in Vinh Long. The look of renewed independence made our hearts warm and our smiles wide. Remember, this was all possible because of all our supporters in the States. So share with us in the lasting effect of this life altering charitable contribution!!!! Cam On!!!