Sunday, June 9, 2013

Right before my eyes

As I was performing intake for over 90 patients, I noticed an elderly woman in line to be seen, shaking terribly from severe Parkinson's disease. A decision was made to triage this woman quickly, because she looked like she was in a lot of pain and in great distress. After a quick physical assessment, I assisted her to the make-shift medical room. She shook so bad that she could barely keep her balance. I did not want to leave this patients side until all her diagnosis, treatment and proper medications. As we performed the physical exam and determined the orthopedic illnesses she suffered form, we decided injection treatment would be needed. Injecting her during this shaking would be extremely difficult. As she was severely shaking on the bed, RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES, Bac Si Ha used two finger tips to manipulate a nerve in her leg, upon which the lower extremity shaking slowed to a complete stop. Bac Si Ha did the same with her arms and hands which stopped the shaking almost completely. I looked up at my student in wonder and amazement. Could this be really happening? After 10 minutes of her lying peacefully on the bed, Bac Si Ha returned to administer her injections. Once treatment was finished, she had a look of total relief on her face. I continued to assist her through the dispensing process. Even though her tremors slowly returned, they were too a much less degree. Her walking was dramatically improved, and she walked out almost unassisted. I know this therapy will be short-lived, but for at least a time, the look of peace on her face was worth all the effort.