Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stomach NOT immune

I post this portion of the blog from my hotel room after being sidelined by a GI situation. Waking up yesterday, I began my morning run at 5:30 am, only to find I was more sluggish than normal and had some epi gastric pain and tenderness. After slowly completing my workout, we arrived at the clinic. Not long after checking in a portion of the morning patients, the GI issues became intolerable. I was able to finish out the morning by helping to treat 57 patients. Over the lunch break, it was brought to my attention that approximately 8 of our team members had some degree of GI distress, including Bac Si Ha. Fortunately for them, it was not as severe. Returning back to the hotel prematurely, trying to stay hydrated, I slept and woke up with some residual effects and continued GI distress. Having consulted with Bac Si Ha, the decision was made not to give 50% of my efforts today, but rather to rest and recover so I can be 100% tomorrow. I am pleased to report that my stomach is back to normal, and my energy level is slowly returning.

It is amazing, however, how much I miss being with my team and treating all the patients in need.

Well,,, I live to work another day!!!!!!!