Thursday, June 6, 2013

Doing whatever it takes

In order to make this mission a success, teams of different backgrounds have to come together and do whatever it takes to attain your common goal: Provide safe, quality, effective medical treatment to the patients who need it the most. As you can see, although we represent Temple School of Pharmacy, each of us has to contribute in many ways to achieve this goal. From interviewing patients and translating, to drawing up hundreds of doses per day of injectable medications, to performing physical assessments such as blood glucose testing, to triaging the patient for an accurate diagnosis, to dispensing bags of medicine and providing thorough counseling. Our team has done an amazing job so far in all of the above areas and more. It takes a very versatile and flexible individual to contribute in so many different areas. They have excelled in all areas and have made Temple Proud!!
I hope the experiences I am trying to provide my students instills a passion for Pharmacy, Medicine, Global Health, and Charitable Efforts! Keep up the GREAT work!!!