Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Precious Child, Waterfall of tears

As we checked in this 8 year old child, her mom was holding her, as do a lot of mothers who are waiting, so it was difficult to discern what the child's illness was. After a thorough medical history, I am to find out that she has post-polio syndrome and can not walk on her own. She aches with pains in most of her joints, and never has had the pleasure to live a pain-free life. I assisted bedside as Bac Si Ha began his examination. The child had such a fearful look on her face, even before the physical examination began. Once all her joints were examined, it was time for the treatment, which would consist of lidocaine injections and joint manipulations. This precious child screamed at the top of her lungs, she tried desperately to move away from the treatment, and tears rolled down her face. As I did my best to assist with the treatment, my eyes began to fill with tears. Soon after, my waterfall of tears came without warning. It only took 5 clinic days this year for this anticipated reaction.

I cried not because she was in pain at that moment, as I knew we were trying our best to relieve the joint pain. I cried mostly because I knew there was not a lot we could offer this poor child, and that at least for the near future, she would not live a pain-free life that should be available to all children. The ultimate goal for us is to get a brace fitted for her, which will assist in her rehabilitation and make the possibility of walking a reality. At discharge, we made a referral to the local orthopedic physicians to evaluate our patient, with the hopes that a miracle can be worked. Hopefully our next visit to this area we will find her learning to live as normal of a life as possible. I offer up my prayers to help this anxious mother to get the help she needs, and for this young beautiful child to have the perserverance to NEVER GIVE UP!!!!